I feel like it’s getting more and more acceptable to be in yoga pants all the time now days. Probably because some yoga pants are more expensive than a good pair of jeans, haha! BUT I’m NOT complaining. I love athleisure wear. Try pairing a cute pair of yoga pants with a sweater or comfy shirt. It’s so much more than something you would ever wear to the gym. I usually throw on a big t-shirt or tank top to workout in; something I probably wouldn’t go out in after or consider athleisure. I don’t even wear shoes I would workout in when I’m dressed in athleisure wear. It’s kind of becoming a category of it’s own in a way! I think the best part about it though, is that it’s totally cute to dress comfy.

I usually get my yoga pants from Lululemon, (side note: the “we made too much” section is the BEST! It’s their sale!), Nordstrom, Marshalls, Target, or Kohls. My shirts come from J.Crew Factory, American Eagle, Aerie, Target, or Nordstrom. I have to have something soft and comfortable if I’m going to consider it athleisure wear.

Where do you buy your athleisure wear?

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak