Having healthy skin should be everyones top concern, especially if you wear makeup. Growing up, my grandma always told her grandkids to wash and take care of your face. I kid you not, I remember being about four in her bathroom watching her wash her face every morning and evening. She would let me wash mine too to be just like her. I’ve learned over the years that my grandma was so right. The moment I started wearing makeup and not washing my face every night I noticed more and more blemishes. Haha especially in middle school when I caked on makeup. That didn’t help either, I only ended up putting on more makeup to hide the blemishes. No surprise there! I didn’t truly see the benefit of taking care of my skin until college. Taking care of your skin makes you feel even more confident and being more confident in yourself can lead to anything really! #girlpower #youreaBOSS!

Now let’s talk about my favorite products I’m using right now. I often change them up a bit and try new things.

I love makeup removal wipes. They are the easiest for me to use and work well. I went to Target the other day and bought these. They have little thick pieces in the wipes that help exfoliate. It helps tremendously when taking off eye makeup like all the mascara I put on my eyelashes! 

I change face scrubs fairly often solely because I like to try different ones, but I’ve been using Promise Organic’s nourishing coconut milk daily facial scrub consistently. First, let’s talk about the smell. Basically it smells like brown sugar and heaven. I received this mask in my Ipsy and plan to buy a full sized bottle as soon as I run out. Second, it leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I feel like if there was any bit of makeup left on my face, it’s gone once I use this. 

Y’all. This stuff. I bought it in a kit on Ipsy’s offers page with four different Befine products, but this night cream is incredible. I’m about to rave about this stuff so be prepared. This stuff is actual magic. I put it all over my face and my skin instantly feels like silk. I’ve completely noticed a difference in my skin since I started using it. You can’t say that about many products these days, but this stuff is 100%!

Finally, I end my nightly routine with some lip balm. This was snagged from Whole Foods and leaves my lips feeling healthy and moisturized all night. 

What is your nightly skin routine? I would love to know what products you use! 

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak