I received these Belif face bombs complimentary from Influenster last month and couldn’t wait to give them a try. I’m one to get extremely dry skin in the winter so these came at the perfect time. I’m always looking for a good moisturizer to put on before bed and in the morning before I apply my makeup. I received the the true cream moisturizing bomb and the moisturizing eye bomb. I wasn’t sure how much to use of each so of course, I used way too must and ended up with a very moisturized face for bed. The next morning I used a little less of each. For the true cream moisturizing bomb, about a pea size for each cheek and then half that for my forehead and chin. It goes on smoothly and you kind of immediately feel moisturized. It was a little crazy to me. For the moisturizing eye bomb, I use barely any to rub just under and around my eyes. This bomb is a little thicker and more sticky but applies well nonetheless.

Since I’ve been using these two products, my skin has been glowing. It’s funny writing these reviews because I feel like so many people write positive reviews and you truly don’t know if you should believe them or not..BUT Y’ALL. This is freaking real. I’m not about to waste my time writing a beauty review if it’s crap and say it’s not. I’ll write that it’s bad. Anyway, back to the review, I’ve been wearing absolutely no makeup over winter holiday and solely wearing these two products and my skin is AMAZING. I usually have flakey skin and chapped cheeks from the cold wind but since using these bombs, I’m totally fine and refreshed.

Is the price worth it?


You don’t use much so it will definitely last a while! It is more expensive than I would like to pay but when you see how much you use and what it does for your skin, the price is WORTH it. 

My overall rating is:

5/5 collars

Have you tried any Belif products before? I’m beyond impressed with these and can’t wait to try more.

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak