Do you guys have that one product you just keep coming back to? The one product that always makes it into the cart when you’re out shopping? For me, when it comes to a good face scrub it’s ALWAYS been St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I first started using it in sixth grade! Y’all heard me correctly. I said sixth grade. That means I’ve been using this stuff for about 12 years. WOW. That’s hard for even me to believe. What truly makes me love the product is that it works. Period. I’ve paid a lot for blemish scrubs and acne creams that didn’t get job done. This apricot scrub is under $5 and GETS THE JOB DONE SON. It’s a product that I want to tell everyone about because it’s a great price and works when I need to get rid of a big zit on my face before a photoshoot. Ya feel me?

Now I want to hear your opinion on this product and if there are other products you guys love as much as I love this one!

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak