I’ve had a lot of questions recently on how I balance blogging while being a full-time student and working part-time. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s tough, BUT, if you love what you’re doing and see it as rewarding, then it’s not a burden. That being said, it still isn’t easy.

Balance is key. I started my blog as an outlet and de-stresser, therefore, I make it my reward. For example, I won’t let myself blog or be on Instagram until all my homework is completed. Haha, this is a hard one, but, I have to give myself rules like this or I won’t be the best student I can be. I always take advantage of time in-between classes too. I’ve written many blog posts outside a classroom waiting for class to begin.

Plan. Plan. Plan. This is what saves me. I plan my days down to the hour. Planning is essential to getting everything done. I try to make it fun, and everything is color coordinated and there are most definitely stickers involved! I plan breaks to watch some Netflix or the Bachelor! It’s so fun  to cross off a task in a specific color ,then once the day is completed, I cross it all out. What  a rewarding feeling to have completed everything I needed to each day! That being said, I definitely do not finish everything EVERY DAY! Sometimes things get in the way and stuff changes. That’s life. As long as I’m able to go with it and not freak out, I’m giving myself a pat on the back.

Get creative. There were many times when I thought I needed a professional photographer to take my photos to use for online post and be relevant. Welp.. I got over that real quick. I found that having a balance was better for my feed. I’ve had photographers take pictures of me whenever I could schedule them and the rest are my own photos. I think that taking mirror selfies can produce great photos and show that you’re a real person with things to do and these are great for a quick way to share. Another way to get creative is to invest in a tripod and remote for your camera. I’ve been known to be in the parking lot of my apartment complex posing for my tripod.

Be true to YOU. When you’re being completely yourself while blogging, it isn’t a task. Let your creativity and thoughts fly. Bloggers are a lot more popular now than they used to be, which is awesome, but also causes a lot of us to want to compare ourselves to others, which can make it very toxic. My biggest piece of advice to give to bloggers is to truly embrace yourself and let your freak flag fly. I’m a huge nerd that loves fashion and writing, therefore, I incorporate it into my blogging.

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Tanna Wasilchak