“Shop these products here. DM me for links. Swipe up.” These are terms we are all familiar with if you follow a blogger or influencer.

Talking about affiliate links is something bloggers struggle with. Should we be open and honest? Should we hide the fact that we make commission off links? NO. I believe that being honest with your followers is the way to go. Supporting your favorite bloggers by shopping through their links is what keeps their sites going. Writing a blog post takes a good chunk of time out of my day, especially when I’m collecting products from all over the internet to put into a blog post for my followers. I LOVE doing it, but it certainly isn’t easy to do. This is where supporting your favorite bloggers by shopping through their links or using their codes rewards them for their time and effort to bring you whatever they’re blogging about. When you support bloggers, you’re essentially telling us we’re doing something right and to keep giving you good content.

Let’s talk about This is HUGE in the blogging world. I started using the app when one of my personal favorite bloggers mentioned that you could actually shop her looks through the app. If you’re not familiar with, and you follow bloggers, you should get familiar with it. It allows bloggers to tag the products they buy or similar items and then when you like their photo on Instagram you can pop on over to your app and see exactly what they tagged and shop. When you buy a product through their links, the blogger makes a small commission.

It’s so rewarding to have been accepted into and to be able to share what I buy or similar items with you all and have a platform that supports that. Not only through, but a lot of brands reach out to bloggers to talk about their products. Most of the time bloggers are being paid to do this, but that doesn’t mean they don’t truly like the product. Many individuals assume that because they’re being paid they’ll always say they love the product, but that’s not always the case. For me, I pride myself on being honest and won’t blog about products unless I TRULY love them. If I don’t, I reach out to the brands and let them know how I feel about their products. The next time you see a blogger talking about a product they love and how you can save 20% by using the code: COLLARTOCOLLAR have a little faith that they’re being honest and support them if you are genuinely interested in the product. When brands offer codes to bloggers to give to their followers, they normally are making a small commission off each purchase but you’re also saving on your purchase as well. It’s a WIN/WIN.

It’s absolutely incredible that a little hobby of mine has become something that is bringing in an income, not much but some. I want to THANK each and every one of you for giving me this amazing opportunity to express myself and share my love of fashion, beauty, and sales. YOU are what keep me going. I love you all more than you could ever imagine.

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak