I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and observing others recently and something that’s been on my mind is how people don’t give others their time. What I mean by that are two separate instances:

1.) Acknowledging someone and asking a little more than you normally would.
Have you ever found yourself treating other humans as robots? Picture your time in the Starbucks line. It’s your turn and barista asks what you would like to drink. Do you just tell them your order, pay, and walk away OR do you have a nice real human interaction with them? This is where we start to become more human and open. Think about the clerk at the super market, same goes for them. Have small conversations with others. Sometimes you never know what you’ll learn. I work at the front desk at a museum on campus and my favorite people to deal with are the ones who take the time to read my name tag, and use my name to have a small 3 minute conversation while I check them out. Sometimes, if I am having a crappy day just this little conversation raises my spirits. So next time you’re out n about, take the time to talk to someone a little more than you normally would, and use that wonderful smile you were given.

2.) Listening to someone when they are talking and giving your full undivided attention.
I’ve had conversations with others where they ask me a question and I’m very enthusiastic to answer, they listen for about two minutes then are distracted by something else and start a new conversation. Think about how that makes the other person feel? Do they even care about what I have to say? Do they value me? I’m not stating I’ve never fallen into this category before, because I 100% have. We all have at some point in our lives I’m sure. I want to be the person to give someone my full and undivided attention because quite frankly it sucks when someone doesn’t do it to you. Take the time to listen to others. You might learn a little more than you thought you would too. In such a fast paced world we live in today, we can get caught up in distractions around us. Think about it, if you’re the person who sits there and listens to someone talk and others see that, they’ll want to be more like you. Kindness is contagious, we just need to do more of it.

Have you fallen into either of these categories before? Think about how you can positively affect others by just giving them your time. By solely doing this you can learn a lot more about the other person, the knowledge they have, or even strengthen a relationship.

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Tanna Wasilchak