WOW! Is the first word that came to mind when the clock struck midnight and 2018 began. Well that, and a couple other not so nice words when my entire backside was drenched in champagne, haha! I couldn’t help but laugh after because it was hilarious to be honest. I spent my NYE celebration in Austin, TX on sixth street with some of my very best friends then stayed the night in the famous Driskill Hotel. Overall, it was wonderful time.

2018, you guys. Man.. So many wonderful things happened in 2017!

I met some AMAZING new people!

I went to New Zealand!

I saw my best friend in person twice in a year!

I got my first tattoo!

I travelled to states I had never been to before!

I marked off a couple mega goals for my blog!

I joined the LIKEtoKNOW.it family!

I gained A LOT of new knowledge!

I competed in the GSEA competition with my blog as my business!


I want to make 2018 even better. There are so many opportunities many of us don’t take advantage of. I’m going to get out there and take advantage of everything I can to be the best I can be. I want to make the most of what I have and strive ever to be better. What I want to do in 2018 is:

Tell people I love them more!

Stop and enjoy my surroundings!

Disconnect from technology for at least two hours a day!

Get a job in marketing!

Write more blog posts!

Be kind!

Read more books!

Travel more, even if it’s a short day trip somewhere!

and finally, don’t let the dishes pile up in the sink, haha!


Of course, I’ll probably add some things as the year goes on, but these are what come to mind at the moment. Writing down your goals can be so helpful. I like to write mine out and put them in my wallet so they’re always with me. Do you write down your goals for the year? Lets all make a promise to be better humans and stand together when we need to and help put others up!

Oh and here are my outfit details! I snagged this dress at Zara for $30. They are having the BEST sales right now!
Dress – Plumetis Embroidered Dress
Shoes – Pointed Block Heel Pumps
Bag – Burberry Bag

Have a wonderful 2018 y’all!

Love Always,

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