Growing up, I would always say I knew something even if I didn’t. I hated feeling like I wasn’t included or like I wasn’t part of this smarter group who knew things. I ultimately didn’t want to admit I was stupid. I felt like I should have know what that word meant or where that place was located. It wasn’t until I got older that people started questioning me. I would say “oh yeah, I know what that is” and then they would reply back with, “oh really? Where is it?” I was stumped. To be completely honest, that made me feel even more ridiculous than just admitting I didn’t know.

I feel like there is this pressure we put on ourselves to be the smartest and most intelligent, when in reality most of us aren’t. Maybe we are in specific areas, but everyone can learn something new. Looking back at how I thought about certain things in the past, I’ve come to realize that I was never stupid. Not knowing something doesn’t make you stupid. Not asking what something means to learn more, does a little though, haha. Why not ask what something means?! Then you’re able to learn what it means and when someone says they don’t know what that means, you can teach them! How cool is that?! It’s one of my favorite chain reactions. Learning and then teaching!

I’m all about learning as much as I can about all sorts of things. I remember a teacher in high school told me that “admitting you don’t know something shows tremendous confidence within yourself. It also shows that you want to be more intelligent and grow as an individual.” I feel like I’ve grown in my confidence a lot, because I’ve admitted to not knowing what something meant. I have also grown in my intelligence too! My attitude has changed a lot over the years and I’ve learned to be more carefree and not care what others think. Sometimes I even guess what things are if I don’t know and my responses are absolutely ridiculous, but guess what? It doesn’t matter if I learn what it truly means in the end. If others think I’m stupid because I admit to not knowing, then they’ve got some other issues they need to deal with. Never let someone make you feel small for wanting to learn. Maybe that’s why I struggled so much in the past because of others acting like I was dumb. Don’t let the haters get you down. Surpass them with the knowledge you’ve gained.

The next time you’re asked if you know what something is and you don’t, ask! You never know what you could learn and who you could teach one day. Have y’all ever struggled with this before?

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak