Staying kind and positive can be a lot harder than you think. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to avoid popping off on someone who is negative or rude. As most of you know, I’m a very outspoken individual and it can be extremely hard for me to be the bigger person when people are being mean and petty. I just don’t understand how people can think it’s okay to treat others poorly and then believe they did nothing wrong. Sinking to their level is never the way to go even if it’s the easy way out.

This is why I’m so thankful I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful people. They constantly assure me it’s not worth my time to say anything, which is funny because I do the same to them but then don’t want to take my own advice. Oops. Kindness and positivity will get you places. They will definitely help me achieve a more happy and fulfilling life.

There have been many instances where I’ve been told not to say anything back to the person being rude or I’ve told myself they aren’t worth my time. I’ve said “block out the haters” many times, but thinking on that more, I don’t believe we should simply block them out. I think we should acknowledge that what they’re doing is not okay and then be kind to them. I’m not saying let someone treat you like crap then buy them a cupcake. What I’m saying is that maybe that person just needs some love. Maybe that person is struggling with more than you understand. If they’re being petty and cruel, there must be a reason deep down for it. I’m not saying immediately forgive them for being rude, petty, mean, or whatever, but just think about why they might be doing what they’re doing. All you can really do at that point is hope the best for them.

How do you deal with situations like this? What keeps you kind and positive?

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Tanna Wasilchak