WOW. Where did the time go? I can’t believe I’m finally an alumna of Baylor University. The very first moment I walked onto that beautiful campus I knew it was the place for me. For a little while, I wasn’t sure if I would actually be graduating from Baylor University. I was thinking about graduating from another university for various reasons.  Fate had it that I was meant to graduate from Baylor though. I received a Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communication and Minor in Entrepreneurship. I worked extremely hard while in college, balancing many extracurricular activities, organizations, jobs, and hanging out with friends. I highly recommend getting as involved as you can in college and take on responsibilities. Also, don’t be afraid to start something new. It shows character and let me tell ya, that’s a lot of what I discussed while interviewing for big girl adult jobs. My business fraternity gave me opportunities to start new programs and grow professionally.

SOOOOOOOO…. this brings me to the biggest news! I GOT A JOB!!! *happy dances*
Seriously though, I was happy dancing so hard when I found out I landed the job as Social Public Relations Operations Manager for Brothers & Company. As many of you know, I’ve been driving back and forth to Tulsa, OK over the past few months interviewing for jobs and making as many connections as possible in the marketing industry. You’re probably thinking, “wait, did she say Tulsa? Like OKLAHOMA??!”

Yes. I totally said Tulsa, OK. I found a job posting online and applied. I figured why not. I’ve always wanted to see different places and live out of Texas when I graduate. I didn’t ever see myself living in Tulsa, but hey when you get an amazing opportunity, you take it. Anyway, I drove to Tulsa to interview for this job and it ended up not being the best fit for me. It’s always so hard to say no to a job but if it’s not where you can be your most successful then you should be picky. Sometimes that can be discouraging if you’re not getting other offers, but if you’re working hard, opportunities will come. I’ve always wanted to work in social media marketing and many of the jobs weren’t actually for that. Feeling bummed after declining that offer, I decided to check out the city with my boyfriend. I kind of fell in love with the area immediately. Tulsa isn’t a HUGE city like Austin or Dallas but it’s big enough to have things. Like you know, a Target. I walked around the arts district and could envision myself living there. Tulsa is trendy, has great food, nice people, and amazing museums. I promise I’m not making this up. It’s actually a thing, haha!

Once I knew that was the place for me, I did everything in my power to get a job there in social media. I emailed just about every marketing and PR company that I felt I would be a good fit at. Many of them weren’t hiring but were willing to meet with me. TAKE THOSE MEETINGS. This is how your build your connections. I interviewed with a couple of firms that had full time positions and summer internships. Ultimately, I had to really consider the full time positions over the others because realistically I couldn’t make rent otherwise. The interview for the summer internship positions were so worth it though, because again, I was making connections for the future. Then like an angel out of the heavens a position popped up at Brothers & Company that was meant for me. Y’all. Seriously. I was very determined to get this job. I applied. Then waited. Then followed up. (y’all know how I feel about following up from my previous blog post on it!) Then BAM. I received a call to interview. After lots of research on the company and two interviews, I received an email with an offer letter. A bit of advice, be sure to read everything on an offer letter before accepting. Do research on the position and see what the average salary is for your skillsets and experience. Negotiating is okay if you fully believe that you can be a worker worth that salary to the company. If the company truly wants you and believes in you, they’ll work with you.

Y’all I’m so excited for my future! I’m beyond happy to have had you all following along with me throughout college. It’s been the BIGGEST blessing. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and did some other weird Tanna things together. I can’t wait to start this next chapter in my life and I invite you all to tag along!

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Tanna Wasilchak