I’ve always been a fan of snacking and watching movies but I’m an even bigger fan when it’s with my girls. Life can get so hectic, especially when we are trying to balance a MILLION different things at once. This is why I firmly believe in carving out time to chill with your closest friends. A girls night doesn’t always have to be just girls either. We had some guys at ours too! We just call it a girls night because we are doing very stereotypical “girly” things, haha. We had loads of snacks, drinks, and conversation. We even planned to do face masks but talked the entire time and forgot to do them! It’s funny, I wanted to get everyone on the couch and take a photo but we forgot to do that too. I can’t complain too much though because I was enjoying myself with my peeps.

I feel like the biggest difference in having a girls night in vs. a girls night out is the comfort level. Especially when it comes to conversation. What I mean by that, is when you’re in your own home or a friends home you naturally feel more comfortable talking about anything. If you’re out in about or at a bar, you have to watch what you say. I believe having nights full of good conversation and laughs strengthens friendships. It’s also really fun to decorate and make fun drinks and snacks for your besties. Who else loves doing this? I mean mine never looks like it does on Pinterest but hey! I tried! Whose stuff actually looks like the pictures on Pinterest though? If yours does, props to ya!

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak