Valentine’s Day has come and gone but I’m still a little frazzled from the events that happened both the day of Valentine’s day and a couple days after. I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple because I grew up just celebrating it with friends. Honestly, none of my past boyfriends ever gave two shits about it. It was something I always wanted to celebrate with a significant other, but I was never with the right person at the time. I think that’s why I really loved to celebrate Galentine’s Day with my girlfriends. Like I mean, over the top celebrate. Tons of decorations, going out to dinner, and so much more. Looking back on it, I think I was trying to make up for the fact that I didn’t have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, which is so not the point of Galentine’s Day. To me, it’s about celebrating your friends and celebrating the love that you have for them. I started dating Andrew last year at the beginning of February, so when Valentine’s Day was only a couple days away we discussed what we should do. I didn’t do anything with SO’s in the past really, so I was at a loss. We decided to keep it low key, considering we JUST started dating. Shoutout to all the couples who start dating in January and February. LOL at the awkward Valentine’s Day conversation. We went to a froyo places and played Uno for a couple hours then called it a night. I was so content with Valentine’s day after our date. I realized it was truly dependent upon the person you were with.


As you guys know, Andrew and I are long distance right now. He will be moving here in May but I’ve been in Tulsa without him since August. SO… we really wanted to make Valentine’s day special this year because we just hit our 1 year anniversary, and he knew how much I liked it after our date last year. Alright, let’s get to the events that happened that caused me to lose my damn mind.

Sweet, sweet Andrew decided to order me flowers to be delivered to me at work. He let me know that something would be delivered so that I would answer my phone when a random number called, because I don’t answer any numbers I don’t know. Psh, if they need me, they’ll leave me a voicemail or text. I know, such a bad habit. Anyway, I get a call from a Tulsa number and answer. This very frazzled women is on the other line telling me she’s completely lost and has no earthy idea where I am. PS: I work on a college campus, so I get it can be confusing BUT all she had to do was put the building name into google maps and it pops right up. Okay back to the story. The women delivering the flowers finally finds me, locates the flowers for me in the back of her car and hands them to me. Then she says to wait because the flowers fell over and all the water spilt out, so she grabs a water bottle from the front and fills the vase 1/3 of the way full and tells me to fill it up more when I can. When I finally get a chance to look at the flowers I was… hmm… Let’s use the word confused. In the bouquet I received there were about 10 buds, 1 blooming lily, and two stray roses. It looked like someone realized they looked bad, because only one of the lilies was blooming, and they were like, “hey let’s just add these two roses and call it a day.” You’re probably like, “Tanna, I wanna see!” Don’t worry your pretty little self and scroll down.

The first photo is what the flower shop advertises online, the second is what I received. Andrew and I blame the florist for my horrible attitude that followed. Oh and did I mention I was on my period too. HAH! What else could make this even more dramatic? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. So I’m sad because my flowers didn’t look great and Andrew’s trying to make it better and it’s this whole thing. Once I got back to my apartment, I decided to call the flower shop and let them know I felt, in the nicest way of course. I wanted to give them a chance to make it better. I called them, and they were extremely apologetic for what happened. I mentioned that I hated roses, which is why my boyfriend got me lilies and then I saw the roses and was confused. Anyway, long story short, she said they would send me a bouquet of lilies next week when they were blooming. I said okay and that was that.

Welp then the social media browsing commenced. Y’all the comparison of yourself to others on social media is TOXIC but it happens to the best of us. I’m normally not one to do this because i’m so aware and try to be super positive about my life, but I was feeling down and upset I was alone on Valentine’s day and didn’t get pretty flowers and began to scroll. My feed was filled with gorgeous bouquets of flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, Galentine dates, etc. This was all I could take. I started to cry, and I mean CRY! I’m writing this now thinking, “omg Tanna get over yourself. You were crying over not getting the right flowers.” but that’s not completely what it was. I was upset and alone. It sucked. I wasn’t able to be with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and it sucked, but why. Why was this such a big deal? Valentine’s Day is just A DAY. I was being harsh and cold to my boyfriend and yeah, he did deserve some of what I was saying but not all of it by any means.

So the next day, I was on a war path. I was still mad at Andrew and seeing more and more cute photos of everyone and their valentines on social media. The entire day was spent arguing with Andrew over texts at work and explaining what I would have liked, because I actually don’t even like lilies. I like callayilies and Andrew had no idea what those were and heard lilies and just went with that. He called the flower shop that morning and told them he would rather received a refund because I didn’t want any flowers to be delivered next week. They were extremely apologetic and felt even more terrible, I think because I decided I didn’t want any flowers. After hours upon hours of texts arguing with Andrew, he said that I would have stuff delivered that evening, which was awesome. In my head though, I kept thinking how fake it was to receive something now I basically had to ask for. Anyone else feel this way sometimes when explaining what they would like to their significant other? It’s seriously like a horrible curse. “Here please get me this.” “Ugh omg you only got it for me because I asked for it.” I’m sure you know it well. While at work, I receive a phone call from a Tulsa number but don’t answer it. I check my voicemail and it’s from the flower shop we canceled the flowers from. They wanted to deliver something to me. They ended up taking it to my apartment front office because I didn’t want a repeat of them being lost on campus AGAIN!

I finally get off work, go to the office, and I see it. A huge bouquet and I mean HUGE bouquet of roses.


I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Like how ironic is that. They try to make up for sending me a bad bouquet by sending me the flowers I’m not a fan of. Probably karma for being a bit of a psycho to Andrew to be honest. They did make a beautiful bouquet of roses though. I was very happy with their customer service, that’s for sure. Once I got into my apartment to settle in for the evening, I received a call from, once again, a Tulsa number. I decided to answer it because I knew Andrew was having things delivered, but at 5 o’clock?

This arrived for me at 5 pm. it was honestly super sweet of him to get. I had always wanted to receive a heart shaped pizza, which is why I ordered Andrew one for Valentine’s day along with a giant brownie. What was a little unfortunate is that I wasn’t hungry until 7 or 8 pm and guess what?! I made that very well-known. Poor Andrew, he was really trying. Around 6:30 I received a call about another delivery. I was pretty sure what this was because I sent pictures of what I would want if he got it. I walk outside to meet the person delivering my gift and it’s a bag of balloons. I bring them back into my apartment and I’m greeted by a giant mustache. The oh so elegant and pretty balloons I mentioned I wanted were nowhere in sight. Instead, I had the CHEESEST bouquet of balloons I’d ever seen. I was laughing because it was hilarious but I little upset because I figured if he got me the stylish balloons, I could take pictures with them and use them more. I’m all about using anything I can to be a little different while creating content.

Then of course this caused another argument about how we don’t listen to each other etc. BUT it got better when I decided to make the entire situation funny. I think looking at shitty situations in a comedic way makes them entertaining at the least. So I took one of those cheesy balloons and sucked the helium out of it then got on my Instagram stories to rant in my silly helium voice. Nothing like a good rant to my peeps to make me feel a little better. I mean he tried right? He put in the effort to try and make my day better. The next morning, he told me to go to a different place that sells flowers and there would be an order waiting for me. When I got there, they actually messed up and decided to just give me two bouquets of flowers instead! What do ya know, things were looking up. THEN when I got home, I received a knock on my door and there they were. The pretty Pinterest worthy balloons. Did Andrew spend WAY too much for a silly holiday that’s way too hyped up? Yes. I now looking back on that entire experience and can’t help but laugh and also be a little embarrassed. I got so upset over a day that truly didn’t matter.


I think the entire point of sharing this story is to prove that holidays like this don’t matter. Yes, they’re fun and a great excuse to go out or celebrate in with your friends or significant others or whomever, BUT it shouldn’t be something that’s so hyped up that when it doesn’t go completely right there is a fight. Honestly, I do think a lot of why I was upset was because Andrew and I are long distance. I think a lot of this would have been more funny if he was here. I’ll admit, I’m lonely at times when I’m working on my blog and business and not having someone around. BUT this is something I need to work on in our relationship and being about to recognize that is great.

I wanted to share this story to hopefully help anyone who can relate better understand that ONE, you’re not alone. Everyone get’s this way! TWO, it’s not worth the fight. This day doesn’t matter. It’s all the other days that ultimately matter and if you’re happy during all those other days then don’t let a silly little day that’s extremely commercialized get you down. Love the people you love 365.


Love Always,


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Tanna Wasilchak