Houston, here I come.


Welp. I’m moving to Houston. Gah, I still can’t believe it, to be completely honest. My boyfriend Andrew is being transferred to Houston for work because he received an amazing opportunity he just couldn’t turn down. He’s guaranteed to be in Houston for two years and that’s just too long for me to do long distance so I decided to move with him. Plus we just signed a lease together and I’m over here like “uhhh I can’t afford this place on my own so….” Yup. I’m moving.

As many of you know, I moved from Waco, TX to Tulsa, OK a little over a year ago in June 2018. It was a struggle to get acclimated at first but once I did, Tulsa truly felt like home. I definitely experienced some ups and downs while working my first “real” job after college, finding new friends, living on my own, and building my brand on the side. I finally found a job where my coworkers truly felt like family and I was excited to go to work everyday because what I was doing felt extremely rewarding. I found friendships in the most peculiar ways including blogging! I had “regular” places I would go to eat where the servers started to recognize me! I found my go to hair dresser. I found my go to gal to get my nails done. I could go on and on.

I finally felt like I was making Tulsa my home.

This is a struggle for me to even fathom because I feel so connected to this city and all it’s little quirks.

I think the biggest thing about moving to Houston is that it’s such a big city and I’m scared. I scared to be overwhelmed. I’m scared I’m not going to get a job right when I move. I’m scared I’m not going to make friends like I did in Tulsa. I’m scared to have to find all “my” places again. I’m scared.

BUT I have to keep telling myself that’s life. In life, you’re going to be thrown curveballs and it truly shows the type of person you are when you take those curveballs and roll with them. I’m always preaching positivity and making the best out of the given situation so that’s what I’ve gotta DO. I’m a hardworking and driven women, but I wanted to share my weaknesses and my struggles with you because I’m also HUMAN. Y’all I’m truly terrified to pick up and move AND so soon too. I’ll be in Houston by early August!! Y’all it’s freaking mid July… Hello anxiety. It’s nice to see you again in full swing. *drowns self in CBD oil* I know there will be amazing career opportunities for me in Houston as well as numerous blogging ones too. I know this is a good move to make but I’ve got A LOT of feels right now and i’m acknowledging that that’s OKAY. I’m going to make the most of the time I have left living in Tulsa and do as many things as I can that I’ve been wanting to do and see as many people as I can before I head back to the lone star state. Thankfully, we live in a world where you can hop on a plane and be in another state in a couple of hours.

I would love to hear your advice on moving, especially if it was a quick one. Also, if you’re in the Houston area, I WOULD love to hear about your time there, where the best places to go are, etc.

Love Always,


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Tanna Wasilchak