I’m going to start out by saying this product is a little (and by a little, I mean very) different than most of the other products I’ve reviewed. I was actually a little nervous to write about it on my blog at first. Tampons, that is what I will be discussing today. Have you ever noticed all of the negative connotations surrounding feminine hygiene products? I’ve noticed that many people tend to be a little uncomfortable and embarrassed by them – including me! I remember hiding my tampons in my purse, and feeling so embarrassed if anyone saw them. I remember often being in class and sneakily sliding a tampon out of my backpack and into my pocket to walk to the bathroom. How crazy is that?! Since it’s something that half of the population goes through once a month. It seems to me, we all need to get more comfortable talking about all the different ways we deal with it.

While everything about periods is completely natural, the products that we use may not be. Most feminine care brands don’t disclose what goes into making their products, and when using tampons this is especially concerning, which is why I was so excited to try the 100% organic cotton tampons by LOLA. What is LOLA, you ask? LOLA is a dope SUBSCRIPTION feminine care service! They will deliver your feminine care products to you before your next period – gone are the days of emergency runs to the store for chocolate ice cream & tampons! Well maybe just the tampon part, haha! LOLA offers applicator tampons, non-applicator tampons, pads, and liners. I tried out the applicator tampons and the non-applicator tampons. The applicator tampons were my favorite. I’m not too fond of the non-applicator ones, but that’s solely a personal preference. I felt comfortable wearing the applicator tampons, and frankly it didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything, which is a giant plus in my book, because I’m so active. I felt the physical and mental comfort of wearing something that is natural.

They give back too. As you guys know, I love supporting brands that give back. Your purchase of LOLA products helps to provide menstrual products to women in need across the United States. How great is that? You can feel great about buying 100% organic cotton products and in doing so, you’re helping others in need. As you can see, they are very sleek and fun to carry around. The packaging is pretty and great to show off. Don’t be embarrassed to show off what’s natural!

Tanna Wasilchak