This was probably the coolest collaboration I’ve ever done. I mean who doesn’t LOVE cookies. Am I right? First, I’m going to remind you guys that I don’t do blog post collaborations unless I truly LOVE what I’m promoting. Welp. THESE COOKIES are it. Think about the most amazing thing ever. Have it? Okay now think about that in cookie form. That’s what Bittersweet cookies taste like. I kid you not. They literally make you close your eyes and savor every moment of eating. My friend Rachael told me I had to try these because they were incredible. I was like, “I’m a cookie connoisseur, they can’t be that good.” She wasn’t lying y’all. Bittersweet cookies are melt in your mouth good. They are better than heaven good. I mean take a peek at the gooey chocolate middle of these hunks of deliciousness.

Bittersweet is owned by Hanna Austin, a sophomore at Baylor! Her story is what truly made me love the cookies even more. As a kid, Hanna baked goodies like brownies and cookies with her friends on the weekends. As she got older, she evolved her love for baking into making treats from scratch and perfecting recipes. She decided to ditch the premixed stuff and create her own recipes that she, and MANY others prefer. Through trial and error, Hanna finally found what made the perfect chocolate chip cookie: gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside. Let me tell ya, it’s definitely the perfect chocolate chip cookie. You can obviously see her passion for baking and love that goes into it as well. She mentioned how fun it was for her to measure out the ingredients, mix everything up, and have a finished product within a couple of hours.

Are you sold? You can see Hanna’s instagram @bittersweetwaco here and order some of these babies.

Y’all, she even delivers (for my local folks only). If you wanna give your significant other, a girlfriend, or yourself some treats then let her know. You can directly message her on Instagram! I’ll definitely be ordering some for parties, my boyfriend (he’s OBSESSED), gal pals, or myself!!

What’s next for Hanna? She currently only has one cookie because she’s been in her kitchen perfecting a couple of new recipes. *happy dancing* I can’t wait to try these NEW cookies. The excitement is real y’all. Next year you might be able to find Hanna selling her cookies at the Waco Farmers Market! Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram to stay updated on all things delicious.

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak