This was one of my favorite collaborations because I’m the biggest fan of home decor! I teamed up with Dorm Decor to tell you all about how easy it is to have cute dorm decor that’s even custom made for you! They have items from bed cubbies, head boards, pillows, blankets, and even desk accessories.

I decided to go with the big pop pillow, to bring everything together on my bed. Including my little sloth. What I really like about this pillow specifically, is that it’s VERY comfortable to lay on. Many decorative pillows are stiff and SOLELY for decoration. Not these babies! I used this pillow to nap on the other day and it was so soft and comfy, which was really cool. It’s the best of both worlds. This pillow is on the smaller side compared to the others they offer. It was so hard for me to choose which one I wanted. What’s nice is that the giant pillows are great for twin dorm beds! I have a full size bed at my apartment, but two of these big pillows would be great on it. I’m also a huge fan of blankets. I’m always carrying around blankets but they usually aren’t the cutest or the right size. I have been so impressed with this blanket because: 1. it’s very cute and the monogram is perfect. 2. It’s soft on both sides! I’ve already carried this blanket with me to the airport for trips, to a friend’s ranch, and when I go back home to see the fam.

It was funny, I was a little bummed at first they didn’t have a lot of decor for beds that are bigger than a twin. Well it’s as if my prayers were answered because guess what?! They have custom head boards for full or queen sized beds now! I’m so excited to shop and see what other goodies I can get my hands on.

Check out their site and let me know what you think! If you like something, use my code: COLLARTOCOLLAR to receive 10% off your first order.

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Tanna Wasilchak