I was recently invited to experience a facial, massage, and blowout at Lula Gray Salon. While this post is sponsored, opinions shared on my experience are my own. 


Celeste, the owner of Lula Gray Salon in Tulsa, invited me to visit for a magical day. Lula Gray makes you feel like you’ve been transported into a heavenly place of relaxation and pampering, truly. I was invited to receive a facial, massage, and blowout. I was beyond excited because I had never received a facial before!

The salon is bright and bold but in the classiest way. I asked Celeste if it was all her design and indeed it was. I love being able to walk into a place and seeing the owner’s style and passion shine. The salon feels like a mix between a cute tea shop, a boutique, and a salon, all in one place. As you walk in, you’re greeted by gorgeous gold letters spelling out “Lula Gray” on adorable wallpaper! I mean talk about stylish. The front was filled with cute little items you would find in a chic boutique as well as products they use on you for your facial and blowout.

I talked with Celeste a little more as she made me tea! Y’all. Their teacups are so cute and they have numerous tea options, which is a big bonus in my book! Then I went to the bathroom to change into a comfy robe. It’s ALL about the little things there. The bathroom at Lula Gray is SOfreaking cute. I was snapping photos like nobody’s business because it means a lot for customers to have a nice and comfortable bathroom to change and do their business in. Plus, just look at that wallpaper!

Once I was all cozy in my robe, I headed to the back to receive my 60-minute facial. Kristen, the esthetician, made me feel super comfortable and talked to me about any skin concerns I might have to determine which facial would be most beneficial for me. I received the bright skin facial, which was amazing. Kristen was beyond patient with me as I asked a million questions. She also explained what everything was as she put it on my face. Lula Gray uses Eminence products, which are 100% organic skincare products. Every product Kristen used on me smelled so good that I wanted to eat it! I mean one of the products was strawberry rhubarb scented…YUM! Kristen was so sweet to talk to and she let me take videos and photos while she was working!

After the relaxing and cleansing facial, I stumbled into the next room for my 60-minute full body massage from Jennifer. Jennifer was such a delight from the very beginning. She asked about any injuries or places I didn’t want touched, then we got started. I’m typically not someone to carry a conversation while receiving a massage, but talking to Jennifer just felt so natural. We discussed pretty much everything and, every now and then, she would check in to see if she was applying too much pressure, etc. I have chronic shoulder pain in my right shoulder and she took extra time to work on that for me, which I thoroughly appreciated. It always feels like 60 minutes flies by when I receive massages! Does it for you?


Finally, it was hair time! Celeste greeted me in the back, led me to the hair washing station, and laid the coziest blanket on my lap as I was sitting down. I happy cried a little inside because everyone wants a fuzzy blanket on their lap pretty much always, right?! Celeste washed my hair and we talked about everything from why I moved to Tulsa to why I started my blog and what’s next for me. Have you ever felt just instantly comfortable with someone? That’s how I felt with Celeste. We were able to carry on such wonderful conversations with one another. We talked about how she started her business and how cool it is to be a girlboss! I love being about to talk with fellow entrepreneurs that have done amazing things and Lula Gray is AMAZING! By the time we were finished talking, I looked in the mirror and was a new woman! My hair was freshly washed, blow dried, and styled!

I felt as though Celeste really took the time to think about the little things that make going to a salon special. I had no issues with staying a while and wanted to experience everything at the salon. I was SO impressed with Lula Gray and can’t wait to go back for all of the above. I highly recommend checking this salon out if you’re in the Tulsa area. You won’t regret it.

PS: she has an adorable pet rabbit in the back that you should totally ask to see!

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak