Faux Shirt Collar with Pearls

Faux Shirt Collar with Pearls


Say hello to your fashionable faux shirt collar! Wear it with shirts, dresses, sweaters, YOU NAME IT! What's great about this collar, is that it's not a full shirt! Don’t worry about tucking your shirt into your pants multiple times throughout the day, having to mess with the sleeves of your undershirt, or not feeling the soft & cozy sweater because you’re wearing a collared shirt just for the sophisticated and fashionable look. With this collar, kiss your worries and annoyances goodbye!

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This collar is one size.
Collar neckline perimeter: approx. 39 cm/ 15.3 inches
Shoulder width: 36 cm/ 14.1 inches
Length: approx.32.5 cm/ 12.7 inches

Hand wash only.