How wonderful is this backdrop? I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with the marvelous Laura Lee Blackburn and she showed me this cute little nursery called Bonnie’s in Waco. I’ve been wanting to get out and do more unique shoots and Laura has been such an awesome photographer to do it with. She’s not just a photographer after our shoot, she’s now my friend. I believe that’s sincerely unique and makes for wonderful photos that ultimately help YOU shine through. 

This outfit made me feel like I jumped through a portal and landed in Paris. I think it might be the scarf that does it, haha. Man, I wish I was in Paris right now eating macarons in the park, not in summer school! Anyway, this little gem of a scarf was found at a thrift shop in Granbury, TX! I think I paid about $3 for it. Score! Who else loves thrifting? Not only thrifting but sales too. Sales are something I thoroughly enjoy, as you can tell by all the sales posts. Let me tell you a secret, this entire outfit is put together with sale pieces. I tried to linked some of the exact pieces above but not everything was still on the brand’s website. I was able to link some similar pieces though too!

Don’t be too shocked if you see more shoots involving greenery and nature because that’s probably my favorite place to take photos. I’m super stoked to go back and buy some plants to dress up my balcony because lord knows it NEEDS some work. Where do you enjoy taking photos? 

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak