Hiya friends! It’s been about a week and a half since my last exam of the semester, and I’ve been spending my new found freedom exploring Waco. I know what you’re thinking…Waco is pretty small, how have I not seen everything already?! I truly haven’t you guys! This tiny city is full of little gems. For example, Cupp’s Drive-Inn – family owned and operated in Waco since the 1940’s and one of the best burgers in town! I love this restaurant and everyone who works there is extremely nice. There’s actually so many delicious restaurants here in Waco that I’ve decided to create a foodie list of all the yummy treats that you can’t get anywhere else – I’m talking food trucks, restaurants, pop up shops, the whole nine yards! My hope is to get this out to everyone this summer, so stay tuned!

It’s not just restaurants I find on my Waco adventure though. Every time I drive around downtown I discover a new mural or parking garage that’s perfect for Collartocollar photoshoots. The other say I was able to shoot with my lovely and talented photographer cousin Shannon McKinney. We spent the day walking around downtown and found cool tiles on the side of a building, sweet murals, and a parking garage with the Alico building as a behind us! It was perfect backdrop to showcase some of my favorite vintage accessories.

From an early age I knew I loved all things vintage. Every time I visited my grandma’s house she would let me look at all her old jewelry, clothes, and shoes. I remember being mesmerized by the beauty of the detailed stitching and intricate beading. Because she’s the best grandma on the planet, she gave me some of her old treasures that I still rock today. This old Dooney bag is from her as well as the vintage necklace. My shoes were my aunts old Baretraps and the belt was my other grandmas. These are pieces that will always be uniquely stylish, and make my outfit pop. I’ve been really into skirts lately and snagged this one at Forever 21 not too long ago. I think skirts are turning out to be my staple this season. What’s your favorite go to piece for the summer?

Tanna Wasilchak