Spring and summer are all about florals, which I’m into, but not the typical sun dresses and flowy tops kind of florals. I love to incorporate textures and even winter accessories into my spring and summer looks. I went with this wool hat but in a lighter color that already works with spring and summer hues. Check out your closet again. I’m sure you have some fall and winter accessories you can wear for spring and summer too! This dress, oh man. This dress in my guilty pleasure right now. It’s from a cute boutique called Plum in Waco, TX. They are located in Spice Village. Don’t you fret if you’re not in Waco, they are online too!

What I truly adore about this specific dress is the unique embroidery, fit, and obviously my favorite thing about dresses… drum roll please.. when they have POCKETS! You can find my dress, earrings, and necklace all at Plum. I have always been a fan of boutiques, but not every boutique. Especially ones in small towns in Texas. Usually because the clothes they stock aren’t ever my style. Most of the time they are frilly or more on the country side, which is great for Texas, but not for me. I noticed as I walked through Plum, I wanted to touch everything. That’s pretty rare for me. They have such a unique flair to their clothes that makes you take a second look, and then take what insane pile of clothing you’ve accumulated to the dressing room to try on. They have a lot of flowy tops and florals but in a very trendy way that catches your eye. I can’t wait to hit up their boutique for summer tops and dresses come fall for football games! It’s so nice to have a trendy boutique right down the street from me with wonderful people there to help you. They’ll even help you style jewelry and accessories with your outfit. How dope is that?! Lord knows, sometimes I even need that help!

We’ve teamed up and have some great surprises coming up this week you’ll definitely want to stay tuned in for! *hint hint* there might be some free swag in your future. Let me know what you think and check out my lovely photographer Laura! She killed it and made me feel extremely comfortable shooting. I cannot wait to work with her again. Tata for now friends!

Tanna Wasilchak