Hello everyone!

I’ve been having the most wonderful time in Auckland, which is why I haven’t been keeping up with my social media. Usually that’s when you know I’m having the best time somewhere. I don’t post as often, haha! As many of you know I’m interning in Auckland, NZ at a SEO company. I want to go into social media marketing in the future and man.. Have I been learning an immense amount of information that goes into the process of SEO! I feel like I’ve only seen an overview of what it all takes too! Y’all it’s been one week interning here and my mind has been cram packed full of information.

I feel as though I’ve always been asking questions. Why this? Why that? How does this work? For a while I was scared to ask questions because I assumed individuals would think less of me, but now I love asking questions. Its how I learn! Then, in return, I can teach others. I believe that this is the best way to live. Asking why and how and then knowing. Here in Auckland I’m growing as a young adult and being challenged. I have been thrown into something new and unknown and I could sink or swim. I’ve been doing a little bobbing at the moment. Maybe some dog paddling but I haven’t been sinking. Being thrown into a company where I know nothing is such a wonderful way for me to learn. Do I truly like SEO and want to pursue a career in it? No. Does that mean I’m not going to engage and involve myself in every aspect of what I’m being offered here? No. Of course I’m going to ask. Then, if someone asks me if I know about SEO I can say “Well actually I interned at a SEO company for a couple weeks!” Guess what? Then maybe I can teach them something, or maybe just refer them, haha!

I haven’t just been working though. I’ve been doing a little playing too! Last weekend I was able to go on a tour to Hobbiton! Yes. Where they filmed The Shire in Lord of the Rings!!! I was fan-girling hard y’all. I only cried a couple of times. It was beyond magical! To see a place so beautiful made me understand why they chose that location. The rolling hills and the bright sky. It was so peaceful. I went on this tour alone and honestly had the most wonderful time. Going on trips alone is something I actually enjoy. I get to take every single minute of it in, on my own time. I’ve always been okay doing things on my own though. It’s my time to unwind and especially when it came to something this special to me, it was wonderful being alone. Am I going to come back and bring friends next time? Yes, of course, but traveling on your own is something I think matures you in a way.


On a different note, I’ve noticed that while on this trip I haven’t been as active on social media, like I mentioned before. I was enjoying it until I saw how drastically my following started to decrease. It freaked me out more than it should have at first. Why would people stop following me just because I’m not engaging as much. I’m posting photos everyday but not interacting as often. I found this extremely interesting after I got over panicking. This is when I see social media as being toxic. I had a minor freak out because I lost about 50 followers. I immediately started worrying about what individuals thought of me and stopped living this wonderful life I have right now in New Zealand. WHAT?! This realization still freaks me out, and then I wonder how others must be feeling. I can’t be alone in this. Why should I worry about how many people stop following me. I have my wonderful Instagram family who has been supporting me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. Which is something I’m doing right now! Even if that Instagram family dwindles down to 50 people, that is still 50 people supporting me. Numbers ARE NOT EVERYTHING. I cannot stress that enough even though sometimes I catch myself looking at them. I’m in New freaking Zealand for crying out loud! I shouldn’t even be posting as much as I am currently! All I can say is, enjoy life. Enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t let something like a following decrease knock you down. Don’t even let it phase you. Social media is  full of wonderful people here to help and encourage you. That’s something I absolutely love to do and something I will continue.

That’s all I’ve got on my mind now! Until next time.

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