Happy Friday in New Zealand! It’s the last day at my internship. *tears up* This has been the most incredible opportunity I’ve ever had. It’s such a bittersweet feeling! I’ll be creating a post specifically talking about my internship soon! Don’t worry! Most likely I’ll be writing it while on my 13 hour flight to LAX!

I think the best part of this experience has been that it’s been WAY more than I expected. I mean I expected it to be amazing because of the country but it’s nothing like I ever imagined. I know many individuals travel to other countries but that wasn’t something I had done before. This was the first time majorly out of America for me. Not only that but to my #1 place on my bucket list. I’ve been extremely excited about this internship since the moment I found out it could happen. Of course I want to share my excitement with others.

What I find interesting is that some people from back home have said “it’s not that big of a deal”. Okay well maybe not to you, but to me it is. If you’re a friend of mine and support me, then you’ll think it’s a big deal too. Does that make sense? Surround yourself with people who celebrate with you and know exactly how much something means to you, even if it’s something major or minor. It doesn’t matter, if it means a lot to that person it’s worth celebrating. Of course I have heaps of friends and family that have been celebrating with me! I’m beyond grateful. I just wanted to touch on that for a minute, because it does matter.

Weekend Plans: My weekend is jam packed before I peace out of this gorgeous country to the Wack (Waco, TX). On Saturday I’ll be getting up bright and early to head to Matakana for the farmers market. I’ve been mentioning it to people that’s where I’m headed for the weekend and they’ve been talking very highly of it, so you could say I’m pretty excited. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes. Sunday, I’m meeting a lovely girl for brunch! Y’all know how I feel about brunch, basically how every other blogger feels about it, haha! The combo of breakfast and lunch makes me so happy. Oh and how trendy restaurants are making their brunch plates now, doesn’t hurt either. We can’t forget the mimosas either! The mimosas are the best part. That evening, I’ll be going to a night market with Richard (the wonderful person who let me intern at his company) and his family! He said the food is delicious and cheap so I’m 100% down for that.

Things I’ve Learned In NZ:
1. The crosswalk noise sounds like an alien and it’s THE BEST THING EVER!
2. McDonalds is WAY better here.
3. People are pretty patient. The bus was maybe 10 minutes late one day and I was getting a little frustrated looking around. It was interesting though, no one else was bothered by it. I couldn’t believe no one else was worried. It’s very different from what I’m used to but I really liked that people weren’t upset over a bus being late. There are so many things going on in the world and being upset with a bus being late isn’t one of them. I’ve truly become more patient here which I hope to carry on when I return home.
4. Everyone is SO kind! Every person I’ve met or been around is willing to help you out and that’s something very rare in this world. I was pleasantly surprised.
FUN STORY: People are SO nice here that when I was trying to get through a crowd, I couldn’t squeeze by these two individuals after saying excuse me a couple times, so I just shoved my way through. They both turned around and said “I’m so sorry!” Y’all my jaw dropped. I also felt terrible for even shoving my way through. I shoved them and they apologized. It was incredible. It really makes you rethink how you live you life being surround by people like this. I know not everyone is like that here but every person I’ve met thus far has been. That’s good enough for me.

My Most Worn Items:
-The wonderful coat I snagged at Topshop! I can’t wait to wear it again when it gets cold in Texas! The camel color is what really makes it. It matches basically everything!
-The night before I left Texas, I was going through all my stuff with my mom and noticed I didn’t pack any boots! I couldn’t believe it! Thankfully, my mom let me borrow her Toms black boots, and guess what? I’ve worn them almost everyday! Thanks mom  Here are some similar ones:
One – Very similar to the ones I’m borrowing from my mom.
Two – I have these ones in brown leather and LOVE them.
Three – These are basically if one and two made a baby!
-While we are on the topic of Toms, my Toms sneakers are magic! I wear them every weekend and sometimes on casual Friday!

FAB Finds
I’ve been super into mules lately. Basically I want to buy about 10 pairs now! These are my favorites at the moment:
1. Chinese Laundry Jump Mule in rose gold!
2. Kona Mule Loafers from Target are on point! They have three different colors and are less than $25!
3. These Woven Mules from Urban are awesome and not too expensive, for Urban anyway.
4. These Embroidered Loafers are my favorites! Of course Steven Madden makes them too! I don’t think I’ve ever not liked something Steven Madden has made, haha!

Song of the week: This is another I can’t stop playing. I listened to it on repeat while walking 20 minutes to the bus stop! Freak Like Me – NoMBe. He has some other great songs as well.

What I’m Reading: I’m not currently reading anything. I’ve been reading the Auckland newspaper every now and then if that counts!

What I’m Watching: I just finished a series on Netflix called Friends From College. It was pretty funny and dramatic. Exactly what I like. It was only 8 episodes though, so naturally I flew threw it.

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak