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You’ve got the views and people that make New Zealand great, but then you’ve also got THE FOOD!

Orbit 360 Restaurant at the Sky Tower

This was one of the coolest places we went to eat in Auckland because we were literally on top of the city! The elevator took us to the 52nd floor. The entire restaurant even rotated as Andrew and I enjoyed our dinner in the sky. We went with the kumera bread for an appetizer, which was absolutely delicious. Kumera is a New Zealand sweet potato and you’ll find it incorporated in many different ways. I’ve seen it as fries, ice cream, and bread thus far. For our main courses, Andrew went with the lamb and I went with the chicken and veggies. They were both really good, but honestly, for the price, I wouldn’t say it was worth it. I heard you can actually go to the restaurant if you say you want to grab drinks and an appetizer at the bar and you get to enjoy the view for a lot cheaper.


Giapo is probably my favorite place to eat in Auckland.  I went here just about every other day when I lived in Auckland because it was right next to my bus stop! You guys know I have a huge sweet tooth and this gelato feeds my cravings and more. They have the most unique flavors and designs I’ve ever seen and when you see them you won’t  believe it’s meant to be eaten.

The Culpeper

Think beachy. The Culpeper is a very islandy themed restaurant with delicious and flavorful food. The sauces, wine, and atmosphere of being right by the ocean make this restaurant a new fav. It’s not too expensive for a delicious meal and a beautiful view.

Vulture’s Lane


Vulture’s Lane seems to always pull me in. The first time I wandered in randomly and the second time Andrew and I just ended up there. I completely forgot about it until I ordered the exact same thing I had before: delicious mussels.

Little and Friday

THE BEST DONUTS I’VE EVER HAD. If you’re a fan of donuts and raspberry, then, baby, this donut is going to be heaven in your mouth. I mean it, y’all. I don’t know what they put in those things but man.. amazing. If you’re not a fan of raspberry, don’t worry, they have numerous other sweet and savory treats. I had a quiche too that was delightful. What’s great about this little cafe is that it’s very affordable.


Think classy Kiwi brunch! Odettes is a cute little restaurant is in a super trendy area of Auckland that you can explore after devouring some yummy and healthy food. They have an amazing patio with beautiful greenery outside. If you want a trendy place to eat, then this place is for you!

The Caretaker

The caretaker is a secret bar in Auckland with the BEST drinks. They actually don’t have a menu and make a drink for you simply based on flavors you choose. It’s kind of awesome, y’all! I haven’t had a drink yet I didn’t love. Truly! Now I feel like I’m always disappointed at other bars when I order drinks, haha!

Snacks from New World

Okay guys… I’m going to admit something pretty ridiculous I did involving New Zealand snacks.. I brought an empty suitcase with me to fill with snacks to bring home.. I REGRET NOTHING!


They have the best snack food at New World, which is their grocery store. We frequented the one on Queen street, which is an amazing place for shopping and eating! Now it’s time to list the snacks you must try:

  • Pineapple lumps. Think pineapple laffy taffy covered in chocolate

  • Any Whittaker’s chocolate. I’ve pretty much tried every flavor including the Whittaker’s chocolate milk!

  • Orange chocolate chip ice cream. It’s a normal flavor of ice cream in New Zealand and it’s wonderful!

  • Toffeepops. It’s basically a chocolate cookie with caramel on top covered in chocolate.. I’m drooling, y’all.

  • Squiggles. They’re hokey pokey cookies. Hokey pokey is a traditional delicious treat in New Zealand consisting of honeycomb toffee that Kiwi’s put in ice cream, chocolate bars, and cookies!

  • Beet root and garlic hummus. I know y’all were probably wondering what that purple stuff was pictured above. I had this for the first time when I interned in New Zealand and couldn’t get enough! It’s great to smother on chips or crackers.

  • Golden kiwis. Oh my LAWD y’all. They are sweeter than a normal kiwi and thankfully can be found in select grocery stores in America.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee


Trust me when I saw that the coffee in New Zealand is a million times better than American coffee. I mean look at that antique espresso machine! They’re doing something right, that’s for sure. Every time I come back from New Zealand, I give up coffee and solely drink tea (NZ tea is amazing too!) for a month, haha! I had a flat white pretty much every morning and afternoon while I was there. You could say I was pretty much wired all the time. You can grab a good cup of coffee basically anywhere in Auckland, which is awesome.

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak