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Pairing different colors of denim is one of my favorite combinations. I feel like it adds an edgy and almost vintage vibe to your outfit. I believe a denim jacket is a MUST. It’s a great staple to have and can be paired with almost anything; a cute dress, black jeans, a collared shirt, etc. I feel like I wear this one all the time!

When I was younger, I was ALL about belts. I had the spiky ones you can pick up at Hot Topic or Spencers, yeah.. I know what you’re think. I was definitely that kid! Then, lord help me, I transitioned my style to more floral leather belts from Fossil. Now, I’m more into a vintage belt look. BUT I love the way everyone is pairing the black Gucci belt with everything. You know, THE black Gucci belt with the two G’s, that’s $350. Welp. I found a great dupe and it’s not completely copying the Gucci belt. For example, you can find a knock off with the two G’s for about $15 on Amazon OR this one I’m wearing that I can continue to wear after the Gucci belt trend, because it’s just two circles for $7. Not that the knockoff ones aren’t great either. To be honest, I might get that one too! Overall, I’m a big fan of this edgy look that’s super easy to pull off.

What do you think?

Love Always,

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Tanna Wasilchak